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新疆手鼓的打法技巧:Managing your Dr.Web Anti-virus service subscription

The Subscription Control Center lets you manage the Dr.Web Anti-virus service with maximum ease and flexibility— activate a subscription, suspend a subscription (for the duration of a vacation or business trip), expand your Dr.Web protection for new PCs/Macs and mobile devices or decrease the quantity of subscriptions you have, renew services, switch packages, and get information about how Dr.Web works— WHENEVER YOU NEED TO.

  • Sign up for the Dr.Web Anti-virus service in just a few minutes—compared with dealing with an infection, signing up is easy and trouble-free!
  • Subscribe and pay for any period, starting from 1 day.
  • Subscriptions have no end limits—essentially, this is a “forever anti-virus”.

Sign up now

Sign up now—It’s quick!

  • Subscriptions are active immediately after connecting — serial number activation is not required.
  • Service activation takes only a few minutes — select a subscription package, specify the number of computers to be protected with Dr.Web and the subscription period, accept the license agreement, and you’re DONE!

Discounts are available if you take out a subscription to protect several devices and your subscription is continuous!

Watch the subscription video Compare tariffs and prices

Install Dr.Web software — It’s easy!

To launch Dr.Web protection, specify the operating system you use, receive a link to the installer, and install Dr.Web.

If Dr.Web Security Space or Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows (not a service) is already installed on your computer, you can easily configure it as a service without reinstalling the program.

Installation manual Watch the subscription tutorial

Renewals are trouble-free!

There’s no need to worry about renewals. Your subscription is automatically renewed unless you suspend or terminate it.

On-demand suspensions!

Going away on holiday or a long trip? There’s no need to pay for the service if you’re not using it. Suspend your subscription. When the selected suspension period ends, the subscription will be renewed automatically.

Pay at your convenience!

  • Daily service charge
  • Pay only for the actual number of connections.
  • In the Subscription Control Center, you can generate invoices to pay for the service or use online payment systems*.
  • Hard copies of accounting records can be obtained from the service provider.

All payment options*Discounts for business*

* Depends on the service provider

Upgrade or downgrade your subscription package — with one click!

You can switch from one subscription package to another. The new subscription package starts immediately.

Compare tariffs and prices

Terminate your subscription, if necessary

You can terminate your subscription at any time. If you resubscribe, the installer download link will become available again in your personal account area.

You are in charge of your Dr.Web protection

The Subscription Control Center provides various reports about the actions Dr.Web* has performed on your protected devices—this makes the protection completely transparent to the user.

* Depends on the service provider

Detailed statistics

Managing anti-virus protection

If the service user is a company that has a full- or part-time system administrator, its service provider can convey the anti-virus protection system management duties to that individual through the Control Center. This will ensure that the company has even greater control over the information protection of its anti-virus network.

About the centralised administration of Dr.Web softwareAdditional provider services for service subscribersDr.Web Anti-Virus Service for Business booklet (PDF)

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